FRANKENSTEIN REC.


Studio Hamburg Enterprises has boarded world sales on Costas Zapas’ “Frankenstein REC”, which is currently in pre-production. 

As Thore Vollert, the Director of Marketing & Acquisitions for Studio Hamburg Enterprises who will be handling the international sales says in a statement from Cannes Film Festival: "We are very pleased to have boarded this exciting project from an early stage on. "Frankenstein Rec" is an enticing, refreshing take on the classical horror story that will re-introduce its iconic characters in a gothic romance for an entirely new generation"

Gothic horror romance feature “Frankenstein REC” that is casted for the first time ever with teenager actors that correspond Mary Shelley’s original character ages, has already caught the attention of festival programmers as it has been pitched in “Toronto Producers Lab”, the Network of Asian Fantastic Films in South Korea, European Crossroads Co-Production Forum, and selected by the Chinese SIFF project of Shanghai International Film Festival during its development.

Costas Zapas’ film adaptation brings the Frankenstein story into modern-day through a travelling players troupe staging “Frankenstein” and a young female reporter who believes that Shelley’s novel is not a fiction but a true story, revitalizes the original saga without losing any of the atmosphere or the horror that Mary Shelley’s novel originally captured back in 1818.

The deal was signed between Studio Hamburg Enterprises (SHE), Dreamfilms Gmbh and Asgard International, licensed by Minus Pictures.

Director Costas Zapas has also written the screenplay, Gregory Athanasiou is the head producer and Willi Kamarad, Thamara Barth and Marc Steinhauer serve as executive producers. Other members of the creative team are world famous composer Shigeru Umebayashi (In the Mood for Love, A Single Man), and academy member animator and special-effects specialist Panagiotis Rappas.



Post Production

What happens when you pick up a hitchhiker?

Michael, an American scriptwriter, soon finds out when he picks up an Englishman in the middle of a Transylvanian forest. Touchstone – in fact the ghost of a former court jester – places him in some unimaginable situations of life and death.

Despite being a firm believer in non-violence, Michael is forced to become a cold-blooded serial killer.



               THE 4TH HORSEMAN


                        Franco Nero

                                               Bill Moseley

                                    Sid Haig

                                              Kane Hodder

                                                    Michael Berryman

                                                   R.H. Mihailoff

                                                 Tobin Bell



               STRICTLY SALSA

Production: Jj Filmworks London 


Oppressed, alone and motherless, Vicki is ruled by her father. She discovers the world of Latin Salsa but her happiness is marred by homelessness and a revelation about her long forgotten mother which leads her to an agonizing choice between Salsa, her family and love


“STRICTLY SALSA” is an a Romantic / Music / Dancefeature film the core of which is blended with the theme of discovering one’s true identity and character, spiced with Latin Salsa dance. The theme of Latin Salsa dance and music makes it a project of great interest and brings to the film an already established audience.“Strictly Salsa” is a galloping romantic dance film with strong dialogue, music and lush, cinematic sequences that transport the viewer to the seductive land of Latin Salsa. It is a commercial, but original script that’s a stellar “star-vehicle” to boot! West Side Story meets Fame.




Co-Producer: Dr. Veit Heiduschka (Wega Film)