Navdeep Sachdeva Actor, Writer, Executive Producer

Navdeep (Nav) Sachdeva Since his teenage years has always had a passion to act in films and write screen plays.. While working in London he fell severely ill, and while in hospital he made a life changing decision to follow his passion for life.


In November 2016 Nav booked his weekly acting workshop with AMAW London and also started writing his first short screenplay. In the first two years of his journey he was cast in two short films and continued writing shorts and feature films.


His business mind and business experience with his struggle in the film industry gave him ability to become a film producer which he did not realise until he started assisting a film producer voluntarily on film called “Victoria Black” and later he was officially appointed as an Associate Producer.


Which led to him being also appointed as an Executive Producer on two more films which are in pre-production and being appointed as a Judge for the Golden Nugget International Film Festival (GNIFF).


Nav has written four short films known as “ContempAngra”, “Never Going To End”, “Good Wife” and “Perception” and one feature film “HUG……”. Perception is at pre-production stage and has been scheduled to shoot in September 2019 in Varna Bulgaria in which Nav has been cast to play the lead role with some known award winning talent of the British Film Industry directed by award winning Director Bizhan Tong.