Stephan Buschmann Executive Producer, Actor

Stephan Buschmann was born on 13.10.1971 in Vienna and grew up near Vienna in a rented villa via the German Embassy. In kindergarten he returned to Murnau am Staffelsee, where his parents lived before they moved to Vienna. He has German citizenship. It was followed by the elementary school and the Staffelsee-Gymnasium in Murnau. From middle school, he moved to boarding school castle Bieberstein and boarding school LEH Schondorf am Ammersee and graduated in 1992. It followed the training as a hotel clerk and merchant in wholesale and foreign trade with IHK completion Feb. 97 plus IHK certified in real estate and housing 2001. But his real interest was in acting and the media industry. So he already played in the theater group of elementary school, the high school, the boarding school Schloss Bieberstein and the LEH Schondorf am Ammersee. This was followed by the first small appearances in advertising and films.


He also took acting classes and started working in the media industry:

  • 1997 Attendance of the drama school Art of Acting Studio in Los Angeles CA
  • 1999 participation in the production company Teletime at Bavaria Filmplatz Munich. Editorial and for the production.
  • 1999 Conception and implementation of the format "Facelift" for the Teletime. Film Prize Bavaria
  • 2000 Research and conception of the later multiply awarded documentary "Celebration of Flight" in the Caribbean
  • 2000 Manager for Kirch Media in Ismaning
  • Several TV series in the 2000s
  • This was followed by countless appearances in TV series, TV films and movies.
  • 2016 Theatre School and workshops by Per Scenario
  • 2017 "Welcome to Germany" won the Bambi Award for the best film national
  • 2018 Masterclass Actors by Urban Acting Munich