"The Wrong Man" tells the story of a supposed banker (Aurel Bereuter) who is kidnapped by three scoundrels (Horst Wüst, Rinaldo Talamonti, Christian Packbier). Just before the villains can put their ransom claim, they notice that they possibly could have kidnapped the wrong person. Or possibly not…?


Their victim, Alexander Richter, claims to be a dentist – not a banker, and that he is running his dental office in the same building where the bank is located, too. Because the real banker (Charles Rettinghaus) is having an affair with Richter’s wife Julia (Patricia Aulitzky), the gangsters should get the ransom from her. But all involved parties follow their own plans…


"The Wrong Man" is a gloomy and atmospheric thriller with many twists; it tangles with the identity of the kidnapping victim until the surprising end. The ambitious independent movie is to be seen as a parable on the morality of man.