The Broken Crown

It‘s the story of Tano‘s redemption. He is the right-hand man of Don Carmelo, a powerful Padrino of the United Sacred Crown, the criminal organization of Puglia, a South Italy region. Tano falls in love with Vittoria, a charming woman, and wants to change his life for her: but it is not permitted to quit the United Sacred Crown.

2019  |  95 min.  |  Italy

Language: Italian with English subtitles and German subtitles
Genre: Action  |  Crime  |  Drama
Director: Ruben Maria Soriquez
Writer: Ruben Maria Soriquez
Story: Nicola Pernisco   |  Ruben Maria Soriquez  |  
Rinaldo Talamonti
Music: Franco Eco
Producer: Ecologicamente, See Thru Pictures, Inc., S.T.P. UG
Cast: Vittorio Boscolo  |  Rinaldo Talamonti  |  Nela Lucic  |  
Nicola Pernisco  |  Andrea Roncato Mimmo Fornaro  |  
Antonio Scialpi  |  Horst Janson  |  Ron Williams  |  
Tony Sperandeo,  |  Massimo Bonetti  |  Emanuela
Morabito  |  Olivia Pascal  |  Calvin Burke