Petropolis – a city inhabited by oil-powered robots, is firmly in the hands of the Mafia having seized control of the trade in oil that is vital to the city’s inhabitants.


Lizzard Maddoxx – the best robot police lieutenant ever built – takes on the job of fighting organised crime. Together with a special unit, he is supposed to put a stop to the Mafia regime. Police Commissioner Grant does not know that Maddoxx himself is secretly working for the Mafia to boost his meagre police salary. Occasionally Maddoxx passes on information to the Mafia. As requested by Mafia boss Don Al Olio, he delivers construction plans for an invention that was confiscated by the police as stolen goods during a police operation. When Sergeant Flic Paretty, Maddoxx’s overly correct colleague, begins to suspect him of carrying out work for the Mafia, Maddoxx gets debunked and flees from police headquarters. Maddoxx changes his attitude towards the robot mafia fundamentally when he gets confronted by Boss Don Al Olio who makes him reflect on what he has become, a corrupt henchman for a criminal organisation.