The Exorcism Of God

Status: Pre Production


PETER WILLIAMS - a young Catholic priest - is sent to serve in the church of an old godforsaken village. MAGALI - a young and beautiful village woman - has been possessed by a demon named BALBAN. Peter tries to exorcise it, but he falls under the incitement and temptation of the demon. He is possessed and under the demon‘s influence, he rapes Magali after Balban leaves her body and enters his.


Fifteen years later - now considered a saint by the town - Peter has dedicated his life to helping those who need it the most and children who have fallen ill to an unknown disease. The price: He must keep his sin a secret. If he confesses, he will be excommunicated, imprisoned, will no longer be able to be of aid in the town, and will never reach his ultimate goal: The Vatican.


On a rainy night, Peter receives a call from the town prison: A recluse - ESPERANZA - has mutilated and killed a man, and her arrival to the prison has brought madness to every cell, with some inmates committing suicide.

Peter visits the prison and meets Esperanza - a malnourished and sickly teenager. There he not only discovers that the girl was possessed by Balban himself, but that she is also Magali’s daughter and that he is the real father!

Balban has infected the children of the town with a malignant disease. Peter has no choice: This time he must defeat the demon so he asks his good friend - an older exorcist and mentor - MICHAEL to help.


Peter and Michael enter the prison which feels worse than entering hell, it is more like entering the mouth of Lucifer himself. Terror strikes when four inmates are possessed by yet other demons, they escape and start an infernal hunt by killing prison guards and doctors.


Only Peter and Michael remain to exorcise them but Peter still carries his sin with him and, if he does not confess, he will never have the power of God to expel Balban.


Michael is brutally murdered and Peter is trapped by the inmates. Balban and his possessed prisoners initiate an exorcism to expel God from Peter‘s body.


Peter must choose to save Esperanza‘s life or the children, to confess his sin or losing his chances of reaching the Vatican. He must choose between doing his own good or fulfilling God‘s will; between exorcising the Devil or being exorcised by him.